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N er miki tala um falsfrttir. Eitt dmi um slkar frttir er nlegri Facebook-frslu ssurar Skarphinssonar. Hann skrifar:

Brynjar Nelsson segir a tu ra afmli hrunsins s nota plitskum tilgangi. frgri skrslu Hannesar Gissurarsonar um hruni er ein af niurstunum essi: byrgina tti v ekki a finna hj Oddssyni heldur gmlum andstingum hans plitk - Taka essi or ekki af tvmli um a Brynjar Nelsson hefur rtt fyrir sr a essu sinni?

ssur sltur or mn r samhengi og rangfrir. au hlja svo skrslunni (SIC er Rannsknarnefnd Alingis):

While the SIC in its Report confirms many of the unequivocal warnings that the CBI governors uttered in confidential meetings with government ministers in the year preceding the bank collapse, in its general discussion it faults one of them, David Oddsson, for being a former politician so that old political opponents tended to dismiss his advice. The SIC complains of a certain degree of distrust and cooperation problems between Oddsson and leading Social Democrats. But whether or not Oddsson distrusted the Social Democrats as much as they may have distrusted him seems of little relevance because the issue was that he was warning them and that they were ignoring his warnings. It was not that they were proposing something which he was dismissing for his own personal reasons. The fault therefore should have been found not with Oddsson, but with his old political opponents who apparently could not set aside old grievances in the face of an approaching danger for the Icelandic nation of which he was warning them.

g bti san vi:

In the second place, this criticism by the SIC also may be regarded as a formal error: There were three CBI governors, in addition to Oddsson Eirikur Gudnason and Ingimundur Fridriksson. If Gudnason and Fridriksson, both of them economists with long experience in central banking and not with any known political affiliation, had disagreed with Oddsson, then he would not have been able to speak on behalf of the CBI. But the two other CBI governors had become convinced, with Oddsson, of the imminent danger. If old foes of Oddsson did not want to listen to him because of his past political career, then they should at least have taken his two colleagues seriously.

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